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I've Written For Years


the door spins
like a wheel
on an overturned bicycle
the rider thrown away
bloodied and bruised by the road side
blindsided by a car

the world turns
like the belt in an engine
moving some vital part
from here to there
making things work
giving life and air

the past remembers
little deeds and sins
stores them up
like rain in a barrel
to drown the unrepentant in
when their day has come

fire breathes life
into the hearts of men
like the spark of an idea
giving motion to some desired end
each action adds to the chain
bringing us back again

one link
one digression
one false word
one fatal step
it all comes back
to haunt those
who hold themselves so far
above their own contempt

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i've been away

I've been busy with other things and haven't updated here in a while. I will try to do that this weekend or next. Things will get better a round here, I promise.

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something about a riptide
something about a shock of blue sky
some clouds with sunshine halos
something about the blink of an eye
where a decision is made
and a life passes by
how responsible are you
for what is now torn in two
doesn't matter what you wanted
we all want too
something about you
we all want to
something too
in those sweetest cool eyes
where you play
at the distance
an the unuttered sigh
that lives as the witness
there is just
about you.

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